Hi I'm CC and 19 yrs old. i love to read, major multi fandom girl, you name it it, i have or will read it. i read everyday and listen to music way to much there both a drug to me. i am always exporing new things, readinnew books so don't be shy recomendig books or musc.
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I’m about to cry. My 60 year old mother watched a netflix documentary and only just now found out she’s asexual. I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring up this idea to her for years. I am so glad to hear her, she’s so happy and saying “there really is nothing wrong with me!” I didn’t realize it wore on her like that. God bless the internet.

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I sometimes wonder what would’ve happened if I’d bought that vase and made a home for it. Would that have changed things? Would I have been happy? Who can say. I do know this: Even now, after all the pain and death and heartbreak that followed, I still would make the same choice.